Best Town Hall 5 Base Layouts

In this guide to farming defenses in Clash of Clans at Town Hall 5, I will provide what I believe is the best base layout to use at this level. I will provide both a picture detailing the base as well as a video guide demonstrating the recommended base in action.
Town Hall 5 is good level for defense. Town Hall 6 does not give an extra Army Camp nor does it contain upgrades for the Barbarian or Archer, the most common attacking units at this level range. Your TH5 structures and walls will stand up well against other Town Hall 5 players and even against Town Hall 6 players.
With a good base layout, you are only susceptible to armies which incorporate healing spells and healers. While there is nothing you can do if a TH6 enemy drops 20 Giants and a healing spell to take down your Air Defense then uses a Healer, this level of attack is both expensive and rare.


At Town Hall 5, do not worry about trophy farming bases. There is nothing you can do against a Town Hall 7 player if you are TH5 – they can take you out with just Barbarians and Archers. TH7 players will attack you for trophies even at just 1000 trophies – well short of the 1250 trophy achievement.

It is a fruitless exercise to try and defend your way to a trophy-based achievement at TH5. Instead, if you want to push trophies at TH5 (particularly for the 1250 trophy achievement which yields 450 gems) you just need to attack at least 4-5 times in a row before taking a break.

To minimize the effectiveness of healer-based attacks, it is important to centralize your Air Defense tower to make it difficult to get to for the enemy. Note how every tower in the defensive setup is within range of the Air Defense tower in order to lend it support.

Note the staggered joints in the wall. The way the walls are set, it is very difficult to access either central compartment with Wall Breakers. Instead, players will need to take down one of the outside wall units first in order to gain access to either central chamber. Both central chambers cannot be accessed by removing a single wall with the wall layout pictured above.

The Mortar should also be centralized, and a wall should be placed between the Air Defense and the Mortar to make sure the enemy has to take down three walls to get access to both valuable buildings. Note that the Mortar is paired with two storage points, making it a more enticing area of the base for the enemy to attack (we want to try to coax the enemy to not take out the air defense).

The way this base is set up, you will often lose some (or all) of the resources within the exposed Elixir Storage in the bottom right or alternatively two of the units in the center of the base. This is okay at this level; it is much better to lose 1 or 2 storage buildings than it is to lose all four. This is one of the most important aspects of Clash of Clans and one I wish I learned earlier.

If you can lose 1 storage unit and get a shield (note the Town Hall is placed intentionally by the exposed Elixir Storage), that is a great raid. After all, if you only lose 1 storage (or 1/4 of your available resources outside of collectors) per attack and with each raid you take out all 4 of your enemy storages, you will end up keeping most of the resources you gather from raiding.

Note at this level, we still keep the Clan Castle on the outside of the base. Placing the Clan Castle centrally is a waste at this level, as your base is so small that players will be able to easily lure out units. It is better to save that premium central real estate for your Air Defense, Mortar, and storage units.

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