Some ways to gain passive Dark Elixir

Upgrade your Dark Elixir Drills to their maxed level. With maxed Dark Elixir Drills, you can gain total 1080Dark Elixir everyday at Town Hall 7, 2160Dark Elixir everyday at Town Hall 8 and it is even up to 4800Dark Elixir per day at Town Hall 9. Let’s imagine how great it is with that production rate?

Farming in Crystal leagues for Dark Elixir Bonus. I know that a lot of players think farming in Crystal leagues is much tougher than in Gold/Silver leagues. No, it is not that hard at all. You absolutely can find inactive bases at here easily and also get sniped immediately after logging out. Let’s assume that you just can do 5 attacks everyday at Crystal 2 league, that’s 1000Dark Elixir more everyday!

With my experience, I can see that you will rarely get attacked over 50% If you go to Crystal I.

Having a good Dark Elixir protection base layout. Let’s take a look at the Base Designs box and refer some best DE protection layouts for your Town Hall level. You don’t need to copy them. Read to see how they work then you can design your exclusive one.

By following these 3 simple tips, I think there is no reason for a lazy Town Hall 9 player to be able to hit the level 4 Golem upgrade button within 2 weeks, regardless of your army compositions in Clan Wars.

Do’s & Don’ts List for new Players

You should


We all love the feeling when pressing the Upgrade Town Hall buttton. But that is not a good idea at all If you just care about the Town Hall level. Upgrading your defensive buildings and troops gives you a good preparation before facing stronger enemies at the next Town Hall level and decent experiences about units in game. You don’t want to defend against Town Hall 7 troops with just Town Hall 6 buildings, trust me!


Of course defense matters but Offense is always the best way to defense. This is absolutely correct in both farming and Clan Wars:

Farming: You can always attack several times before logging off and getting attacked. If you place your Town Hall outside, you even will lose nothing except 1000 Gold + 1000 Elixir and get the free 12-hour shield. You always can earn more than losing.

Clan Wars: If your Clan have decent attack strategies and can take 3 stars from all of the enemy bases, there is no reason for losing any Clan War.


Especially at low Town Hall levels (TH2-TH6) because you don’t have many buildings to work on as higher Town Hall levels. Collectors and Mines always give you a juicy amount of loot when you are not playing (after sleeping, after working,…).


Supercell gives us 30 seconds for planning strategies before attacking a base. Look for the best way to enter the attack, trap placements,… This is a long-term experience. You can draw experience from failures and after a decent playing time. I can’t write more details about this here because there are tons of things you should care about. Read guides on cocland and then you can everything you should do at this step.


Of course not an inactive Clan. Joining a Clan helps you meet other players, learn tips, tricks from them and receive high level troops that can help you much in farming.


I can see that a lots of players at low Town Hall levels don’t care much about the defensive Clan troops. They are extremely important and effective for defending. You can see that when you attack a base without checking the Clan Castle, right?

You should centralize your Clan castle to prevent the enemies from luring your troops out with ease. Some lazy players even don’t care about the Clan Castles If they are not lurable.

You shouldn’t


When editing your base, don’t forget to check it clearly before saving. An small empty space inside your base can always be the dead point, which can help the attackers pervade and get your loot easily. Traps and Hidden Teslas can’t fill the empty spaces, you need to remember this. Of course you can do that If you are working on a troll base and you know exactly what are you doing.


The reason of defense is protecting your loot. There is no sense at all If you place your Storages outside and let the attackers get them without doing anything. You should also put your Storages in different compartments so the enemy troops need to spend time on breaking the Walls, your defenses will have time to deal with them then. If you put all of them in just one compartment, once the enemy troops enter that box, they can get your loot easily.


Because the enemy Wizard Towers and Mortars can wipe them out quickly. The Giant Bombs and Spring Traps can also hurt your army badly If you do that. Drag your troops to minimize all risks.


Just press the Next button If you face a juicy majestic base and you don’t know how to attack it with the current army composition.


Don’t waste your Gems. Don’t use them for boosting your Collectors, Mines or even when doing the Tutorial at starting. Building new builders is always the top priority IMO. If you have 2-3 hours for playing each season, you can spend your Gems on boosting your Barracks. That will help you farm much faster.

How Lightning Spells Actually Work

Undoubtedly, Lightning Spells are a big part of Clash of Clans as we use them everyday. We use them most for cleaning Clan troops and ravaging Air Defenses but do you know how it actually works? Most players though that It was random, but no…

By understanding how actually they works, you will know when is the best time to use them, how to place them and take their best advantages in your attacks!

We can bring maximum 5 Lightning Spells and 1 Dark Spell into an attack. Every time we drop a lightning spell Lightning Spell, there are 6 lightings in total hit the ground and they have certain patterns. These screenshots will show you how they work:

Note: The first bolt always hit the spot where you drop the spell.


It is not really hard to remember these strike patterns. By remembering them, you can know what is the best place to drop the Lightning Spell. If you use the Lightning Spell as the first drop, it will have pattern like the first screenshot. If you use it as the second spell (Assuming you used the Healing Spell at first), it will be like the second screenshot…

From now, you will never miss a single Clan Castle troop again and by taking this advantage, you can easily take out more than 1 Air Defense.

Protect your Walls with Small Bombs

Are you disappointed with the Small Bombs in Clash of Clans because they can’t even kill a small Archer? How are you using them?

I can see that players use the Small Bombs in many ways:

A group of Small Bombs = Mini Double Giant Bomb = not effective.

Placing them inside for killing Wizards during when base gets attacked by GoWiPe = not effective.

Spreading them outside for killing Archers which can snipe collectors = can’t kill a single one = not effective.

I watched plenty of videos and read guides but didn’t ever hear a single opinion about the Small Bomb. It is because most players don’t really care about it. But today morning, I read a great idea of clashmustard about using using the Small Bombs for dealing with Wall Breakers. I open the Barrack in game immediately and I just got a pleasant surprise that at Town Hall 9, we can kill a max Wall Breaker with just a max Small Bomb. We can use Small Bombs to protect our Walls!

Basically this won’t work prior to Town Hall 9 If the attacker upgrade his Wall Breakers as usual. But If Wall Breakers come across 2 maxed Small Bombs, the Giant Bombs will always wins head-to-head. Let’s take a closer look at the table below:

From the chart above, we can see that we can have the opportunity to kill a Wall Breaker with just a Small Bomb. You can use double Small Bomb at earlier Town Hall levels to ruin the enemy Wall Breakers. Sending Wall Breakers is always one of the most important steps of all ground attacks. By having up to 6 opportunities to stop the Wall Breakers, you can send the attackers indo an irrecoverable death spiral.

Now let’s identify the sides of your base which usually get hit from and place Small Bombs there, between some buildings and near the corner wall segments that the enemy Wall Breakers are going to destroy. The small bomb has a 1.5s delay before it detonates. Placing the Small Bomb 1 tile off the wall is pretty nice because it has a 3 tile radius so it still can kill the Wall Breakers when they stop before the walls.

Here is a great example:

Finally I have found a useful use for the Small Bomb in Clash of Clans. I am testing this with my current Clan War and It was successful to stop a couple of Wall Breakers this morning, the attacker was forced to use the Jump Spell because he didn’t want to spend too much time on those walls and of course that was a 1 star attack. I am very happy with this tip now.

Trophy Pushing Tips for Town Hall 8 & 9

This small guide contains plenty of new awesome hints and tips for Town Hall 8 and 9 players who are trying to push Trophy. I was able to get my village to Champion with ease in just 8 days when it was just Town Hall 7. These tip will make you become a trophy pushing master!


When you find a new match, your first 3 targets usually have 30+ trophies, try to attack them if you can. After 3 times tapping the Next button, you can return to your home and find new matches again.

The more times you click next button, the weaker targets you can find.

– Return to your village and search for a new one If you want to get more trophies.

– Keep hitting next button if you want to farm.

  • If you use troops for sniping Town Halls, simply drop 3-4 Barbarians/Archers, close the game and then open it again. After closing the game, those troops will keep hitting the Town Hall. You don’t need to waste your time watching them
  • Don’t use this method If you snipe Town Hall with your Heroes or they will get baked by the enemy defenses after finishing the Town Hall.
  • For Town Hall 8, always fill your Barracks with Dragons If you don’t have much time to play. You can always find weak Town Hall 8 bases with 20-25 easy trophies.
  • Use only your Barbarian King and Archer Queen to sniper Town Hall. If there are Hidden Tesla traps there, drop 1 Dragon for 2 Teslas.
  • Drop the whole army If you can get either 3 stars for more than 20 trophies or 1 stars and more more than 1000 Dark Elixir.
  • Always leave your Town Hall outside for instant free shield. Don’t try to protect it otherwise your whole base will be ripped.
  • Always fill your Clan Castle and make sure it can cover your Town Hall.
  • Don’t break your shield If you can’t win at least 2-3 raids before logging off. If you don’t want to use your Gems anymore, always boosting your Barracks whenever you have more than 2 hours for playing game!
  • Always try to revenge. You can sometimes find sweet base with TH outside in the defense log list.
  • 2 hours raiding sessions everyday are enough for you to maintain your current trophy at Champion.
  • You can use troll base layout for pushing from Crystal to Master in just 2 days, this one for example.

By following these tips, pushing to Champion League within 2 weeks is not hard.

Should You rush to Town Hall 7?

There are lots of players recommend rushing from Town Hall 5 to Town Hall 7 except working on troops, spells and army camps. So what is the advantage of doing this? Is it worth it?

As I see it, Generally Town Hall 6 and Town Hall 5 are pretty similar: The same troops, the same troop housing spaces, the same number of Barracks, the same level of Barbarian and Archer,… Meanwhile, there are couples of big changes after upgrading to TH7:

  • Extra army housing spaces.
  • +1 more Barrack.
  • +1 more Spell slot + new Rage Spell.
  • Dark Barrack, Dark Troops, Barbarian King.
  • Stronger Barbarians + Archers (main farming troops).
  • Dragons unlocked.

At TH7, farming is significantly better than TH6. Also, If you find it’s hard to get 6 stars in Clan Wars, at Town Hall 7, you just need to train Dragons and Lightning Spells. This army composition definitely leads you to 6 easy stars every War.

So basically there is no problem at all If you skip TH6 and go to TH7 but you still should work on upgrading your farming troops, upgrading Barracks, Spell Factory and Army Camps.

Where do you place stronger walls?

Excepting using Gems, we can’t upgrade all Walls in game at a time. Before maxing out, there are always stronger and weaker walls at a time. So how do you use the stronger ones? Placing them outside or inside? Which is more important?

IMO, Inner walls are much more important than outer ones. Because of the Wall Breakers, the outer walls can’t do much at the beginning of the attack. Beside Wall Breakers, there are also plenty of other troops trying to break the walls. Those outer walls will be taken down within seconds. After taking a lot of damage, a large number of troops get taken down, the remaining troops always find it’s hard to break the inner walls without Wall Breakers. The more time they spend on breaking inner walls, the more damage they will take.

You can take a look at the table below to see the big difference between 2 consecutive wall levels:

Also, the table below shows you how many Wall Breakers can be used to take down walls:

For example, If I am at Town Hall 7 with 30% level 7 walls and 70% level 6 walls, I’d like to place all those level 6 walls outside because level 7 walls also can be destroyed by 2 Wall Breakers, just like level 6 walls.



Best Town Hall 8 Base Layouts

A well-designed base at Town Hall 8 can go a very long way in protecting your resources and trophies. While TH7 is the first Town Hall that allowed players to mount an effective defense, TH8 represents the first Town Hall range where a good defensive layout can result in days or even weeks passing without getting fully (or even mostly) cleared by an opponent.

With the base layout discussed below, you will find that other Town Hall 8 players (or even TH9 players) simply are unable to clear your base and take all of your resources. While enemy players might grab a few storage units, they will rarely be able to get your valued Dark Elixir – the most important resource to protect at this level range.

This base layout, known as “The Tempest”, is not my original creation. I picked it up off the Supercell forums from the original poster named Orz. I tried out many bases, and this one was by far most effective. I have modified the base slightly, most notably by moving the Dark Elixir Drill internally into the base’s structure (requires minor wall restructuring) as well as shifting around building and trap positions (namely in the center of the base).

There are a number of features which make this build so effective. Like many effective builds, this does feature a funneling system. It is very difficult for Giants to attack this base, as they are quickly pulled along the funnel that runs along the perimeter of the base, which features many Spring Traps. Each trap will flip up to 3 Giants; even just two traps successfully going off can be disastrous for an opponent’s attack.

One of the best things about Town Hall 8 is that it is now far more difficult for an enemy player to lure troops out of the Clan Castle, particularly with this layout. In order to lure out Clan Castle units, an enemy must actually make physical contact with one of the walls of the northern aspect of the base, or come inside the base from any other point. Simply reaching the bottom Cannons from a melee distance will not be enough to lure out Clan Castle troops.

Since Clan Castle troops are hard to lure out with this base, it can be extremely effective to place good units in your Clan Castle. I am partial to the Dragon at this level range; many players often attack with Giant-heavy forces that struggle immensely against the Dragon. Wizards work great too, but good players (particularly the TH9 players that might raid for your Dark Elixir if it gets too full) will carry a Lightning Spell to take our your Wizards in one hit. The Dragon is barely touched by such attacks.

The best players will carry a single Hog Rider around to jump the wall and lure your CC troops, but this has happened to me only one or two times during my entire stay at TH8 (and I was there awhile). Once your Dark Elixir reaches 10,000+, it is worth it to try and procure a Dragon for your Clan Castle, whether it be through an alt account or a Dragon trade with a fellow clan member. Often, a Dragon in a Clan Castle with this base layout will last for a week, so you rarely have to replace it.


From a farming perspective, the base has two weak points. Firstly, the three outermost resource nodes (where the Gold Storage structures are on the picture above) are fairly vulnerable. About once a month when using this build, an enemy would attack with about 10 Wall Breakers along with either Goblins or Archers. The player would specifically target those three storage units, pick off the perimeter Town Hall, and then leave.

Sniping these storage points does not happen until you reach about 2 million+ of the resource type on the perimeter of the base, as that allows the enemy player to grab an easy 300,000 of one resource type. You can limit the effectiveness of this strategy by shifting around your storage units to put your least-full structures on the perimeter of the base. If I was carrying around 2 million+ of both resource types, you should put whichever resource you need more of on the inside of the base. In the picture above, I was just trying to max out both Gold and Elixir for my incoming TH9 upgrade; since Elixir typically builds slower than gold (due to army cost exceeding “Next” costs), I kept Gold on the outside. The point is that you should strategically shift these structures around depending on your needs at that particular point in time.

The primary weak point of this base from a defensive perspective is an attack from the east side of the base powered by two Rage Spells and Wall Breakers. If a player drops a Rage Spell that straddles the exterior eastern wall and overlaps with the point where the easternmost Elixir Storage is in the base layout picture above, and then breaks down multiple walls with Wallbreakers, the attacker is now very close to your Dark Elixir storage.

With wave of initial units, a second round of Wall Breakers, and a second rage spell spanning the Wizard Tower to the Dark Elixir Storage, the player can get access to your Dark Elixir storage.

For this reason, the Dark Elixir storage is deliberately set back a tile from the wall and surrounded with Bombs. Enemy units that penetrate this space do not have long to live, given the amount of Mortar fire, the Barbarian King, and Clan Castle units that will invade this area. This is one of the great reasons for having a Dragon in the Clan Castle; between the Dragon and the Barbarian King, enemy units will have a lot of “priority” targets to hit before getting the Dark Elixir Storage. These two meat-shield units will allow your towers time to focus down enemy units.

The extra space between the DE Storage and the wall makes it more difficult for Archers to target the DE storage itself; Archers will have a tendency to move north or south and attack defensive towers there. Only Goblins will typically rush in and attack the DE storage itself. Should that happen, the layering of Bombs will often take out the Goblins before the Dark Elixir Storage can suffer too much damage. Be sure to place your traps appropriately to defend your DE storage and make sure your Clan Castle is always full of powerful units should you reach 10k+ Dark Elixir in order to protect this valuable resource.


One of the most important new structure allowances at Town Hall 8 is the introduction of a new gold and elixir storage building. This significantly changes the dynamics of attacking for an enemy player. The way it works is as follows:

At Town Hall 8, enemy players are able to steal 14% of the loot in your gold and elixir storages, up to a cap of 300,000 of each resource type.

If you have about 2.15 million gold or elixir in storage, you will be at the resource cap for that particular resource.

Considering each gold or elixir storage structure can store 2 million resource units, it is easy to reach the max available loot cap with just 2 storage structures.

If you have 2.15 million+ of one resource spread across two storage structures, that means each storage structure will hold 150,000 resources for the enemy that attacks it (assuming each one is max level).

If you have 2.15 million+ of one resource spread across three storage structures, that means each storage structure will hold 100,000 resources for the enemy that attacks it (assuming each one is at least level 10).

In short, having extra storage structures means that it is more difficult for enemy players to get your loot. Instead of having to destroy just two structures, they have to destroy three structures. It is easier to spread the 3 structures of each type around your base (as in the base layout above) than it is to spread out just 2 structures. Getting and upgrading your extra storage structure is a high priority at this level range, as it will drastically reduce the amount of loot stolen with each enemy attack.


The great thing about this build is that it barely requires modification for War or trophy set-ups. We move the Town Hall into the center of the base, and move a Gold Storage to the outside of the base. We also move the Dark Elixir drill back to the outside of the base and adjust the walls accordingly.

  • Note: I would not recommend trophy pushing at TH8 unless your towers are fully maxed. At this point, you should barely carry any gold as you should be spending it as soon as it comes in on upgrading your walls.

With this constant gold sink, you will never carry enough gold to worry about placing a Gold Storage outside of your base.

Note that I do leave the Dark Elixir storage in the center of the base, even during Clan Wars. This is useful as a defensive structure in the center of the base would encourage Giants or Golems to core towards the center and break down the wall that is guarding the Town Hall.

This base will stand up to just about any attack a TH8 can throw at it as well as low to mid TH9 players. TH9 players with great Hog Rider control will be able to 3-star this base, but if you made a higher level TH9 spend 1,500+ Dark Elixir just to take out a much lower level TH8 player, you did a good job in the war. Once the base is fully upgraded, should the Clan Castle be full, most Hog Rider attacks from TH8 players will only result in 2 stars. The same goes for full Dragon attacks or even GoWiPe (Golem/Wizard/PEKKA). In fact, as one of the higher-level players in my clan, against an average opponent, this base often did not get attacked at all.