Clash of Clans Update – March 2016


Fast forward a few weeks and we are now looking forward to the next big update of March 2016. Too much of the previous update focused on the new town hall 11 and it seems this new update will focus on town hall 10, that is to say the new introductions will be available for town hall 10 and above.

Recently there was a leak that revealed some details of the upcoming updates. We can now confirm that three updates are on the way in the next few weeks. The first will be a short term update which is aimed at balancing the matchmaking process of the clan wars and the next two updates will be more long term and they are going to introduce new troops and new features. All of the recent maintenance breaks that we have been experiencing however have nothing to do with the upcoming updates, Supercell were just preparing their servers for the new gaming ID Google update.

We can gather from all the rumors flying around that we are to expect some of the following;

  • Two new dark troops
  • Increase in goblin level to level 7
  • Hog rider level 6
  • Mortar level 9
  • Inferno tower level 4

A lot has been said about the nature of the new dark troops and what they will do but it is safe to say we will probably all be surprised eventually. Word on the vines is that the two new troops could be either of rocketeer, Ice mage, Chain Lightning. Whatever it eventually is, one thing is for sure, it’s going to be awesome!

With the new levels of goblin and hog rider and also the two dark troops, it is very likely a new barrack level will be introduced which you will have to upgrade to in order to have access to them. Defenses will also be modified to deal with these new troops and new troop level which is why I think we are getting a new mortar level and inferno tower level.

Balancing gameplay has always been taken seriously and this will not be overlooked in the new update. One of the most important balancing to look forward to is the effect of multiple healers on the queen archer. It is expected that the healer’s effect when they are stacked on the queen archer will be reduced. The training time of some troops and spells will also be reduced and now we can look forward to getting loot bonus and daily start bonus from revenge attacks which I think is long overdue. One more thing is the skeletons, they will no longer trigger traps.

We are all excited about the new update and it has been revealed that we can expect these updates before April. Some accounts have put the date at March 22nd to 24th.

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