Best Bots for Clash of Clans

Once more my friend into the breach!

Few things have taken the mobile world by storm like Clash of Clans! From it’s humble beginnings in 2012, COC as a Game has changed tremendously, moving from a lopsided Farmville style game, with a heavy focus on Single Player to a complex mobile experience filled with raids and resource management. Clash of Clans is consistently ranked one of the best Mobile games and offers hours, days, even YEARS of entertainment and content. Every Clash of Clans Update expands upon the whimsical art style and fantastic gameplay. It is such a successful franchise, it even has a sister app called Clash Royale where you can focus less on house building and more on thrashing each other in an arena. Whether you are a long-term player or just getting your feet wet, CoC has a way of charming over even the most stalwart deniers of Mobile gaming. Nothing feels quite as incredible as building a massive army and destroying some no name opponent hundreds of miles away.

It’s a commitment though. Clash has a steep learning curve, active community, and raving leagues. There are clans, events, professional clash youtubers and competitions. COC can be a hard game to get into if you don’t have help or support. Regardless though, Clash is extremely rewarding and after learning the ropes, most find themselves hooked by the addictive play, fantastic art, and memories of raiding opponents with massive balloon hordes.

Still, grinding. Nobody likes it. Clash wasn’t built to be experienced by a bored mindless swipe here and there. The more nuanced parts of playing the game such as war strategy and competing, can get lost in the daily grind of resource management. Who wants to day after day clicking an Elixir pump after all?

It doesn’t start out that way. This resource management is actually exhilarating at first (Who doesn’t want to build a gold mine!) but by a few weeks in, becomes a meaningless slog. Worse yet, COC requires you to be logged in so that you are able to defend against the numerous assaults of nefarious players. Otherwise you need expensive shields to keep your village from being raided by the neighborhood barbarians (Freaking Scythian rogues). Despite this challenge though, new and inventive solutions have been popping up.

Think about how great it’d feel to be able to play when you want and how you want!

Did I hear a solution to grinding?

This is where COC Bot’s come into play.

You see, years ago, one simply had to deal with the harsh reality of working through the grind. Today though, algorithms and artificial intelligence can do that for you! Imagine being able to DESTROY your opponent, harness resources, and live your normal life with no fear of losing precious Elixir! It’s possible! Through the magic, or perhaps programming, of Bots! Clash of Clans Bots work in various ways, from grabbing resources while you are away to remaining logged in, to even fighting battles against other players.

Basically, using a program or specific installer, players can download bots to connect with accounts and these bots manage your game while you are away. It’s a fantastic way to conserve time and have a blast with COC. Many of these bots are offered free online, but that’s not actually always the best option. There is an old adage, “You get what you pay for!” and it’s no different in the world of Clash. You can’t buy a P.E.K.K.A. at Goblin prices! Free bots are a step in adjusting and understanding the bot world but many of them lack the sheer quality, dependability, and safety of some of the subscription bot services. Even among the subscription service level bots, not all bots are created equal!

Ok, so not all bots are that good. But some are downright bad. The fact is when you connect a bot with your account, despite being relatively safe with a good bot, there is a chance that a fool-hardy ill-programmed bot will make the game think you are cheating. This results in the dreaded account ban. Imagine losing hours, even months of progress because you got a chintzy bot!

Still, without bots, you are losing that competitive edge! It is the de’ facto method for harvesting resources and being competitive with COC.

Grow your Kingdom with ClashFarmer!

As veterans in the Clash world, it’s still hard to narrow down one bot from all the competitors. There are a TON of options, still, after looking at numerous bots, one specifically stood out to us for a few reasons.


Found at, the ClashFarmer Bot is significantly cheaper than many competitors despite offering superior features in several different categories (We particularly like the background mode as it is the best quality among the bots, allowing you to change resolution and more!).

ClashFarmer is one of, if not the ONLY bot that offers high-quality top-tier anti-ban protection. This means that the ClashFarmer Bot is programmed to work hard at being reasonably similar to a mid-tier Clash player. On top of this, ClashFarmer stays logged in and harvesting resources while you are away.

This means you don’t have to fear the dreaded raids that steal those precious chunks of gold, while still harvesting resources when you are doing important things like driving and playing Clash Royale (Because you can have just one COC title!). Not only will you collect up to 20 MILLION GOLD AND ELIXIR a day, CF bot actually raids other enemies for loot. THIS BOT HARVESTS AND FIGHTS FOR YOU! WHAT?!?!?

That’s not the only winning feature, ClashFarmer is by and large one of the highest quality COC Bots while remaining one of the cheapest. The longer professional plan you purchase to CF, the cheaper it gets. In fact with a lifetime paln, it costs just $0.05 a day. Are you honestly going to argue that you don’t save that money, just by not having to log in and collect resources a couple times a day?

Hopefully you learned a bit about bots through this guide, specifically the best one on the market right now! Check back here often for more updates on Clash of Clans and be sure to go to and check them out!

ClashFarmer Bot might be what makes your clan go from laughable to legendary! Until next time, keep raiding and hog ridin’!


Farming Dark Elixir without Heroes at TH9

With awesome attack range and pretty high damage, the Archer Queen is the most powerful tool which can help you farm Dark Elixir Dark Elixir much easier from Town Hall 9. I am sure that we all know how bad it is while farming without her and lots of players find it is extremely hard or even impossible for farming DE in this case.

No, it is not that hard. Currently I am upgrading my Heroes simultaneously and I am still farming Dark Elixir well with those attack strategies below.

Before starting, I’d like to recommend you stay at Gold/Silver leagues for farming If your Archer Queen is not available.


With this army composition, you can attack dead bases as well as break into the core flexibility. 10 Giants, 10 Wall Breakers and 1 Jump Spell are enough for reaching the core of most bases. Your 5 Wizards with their majestic damage can finish the job easily. You should avoid late TH9 bases as well as Anti-Barch/Giant Bases like this one. Your best targets should be TH8 with 1k-1k5 Dark Elixir and early-mid TH9 with 1k5-2k Dark Elixir. I’d like to recommend not using more than 2 spells each raid to minimize the training time (If you don’t want to boost your Spell Factory). Normally I just need to spend no more than 2 Healing Spells on attacking a TH8 base.



If you find farming with B.A.M is tough and requires lots of skills, this strategy should be the another great farming strategy for you! By using this strategy, I strongly recommend you boost at least 2 Barracks for the most effective.

With Town Hall 8 players, I think GiBarch should be the most effective DE farming strategy for you guys. You can increase the number of Giant to 12-15 so you can farm flexibility.

Best TH 10 base layouts and more info on Clash of Clans bots can be found here.




Some ways to gain passive Dark Elixir

Upgrade your Dark Elixir Drills to their maxed level. With maxed Dark Elixir Drills, you can gain total 1080Dark Elixir everyday at Town Hall 7, 2160Dark Elixir everyday at Town Hall 8 and it is even up to 4800Dark Elixir per day at Town Hall 9. Let’s imagine how great it is with that production rate?

Farming in Crystal leagues for Dark Elixir Bonus. I know that a lot of players think farming in Crystal leagues is much tougher than in Gold/Silver leagues. No, it is not that hard at all. You absolutely can find inactive bases at here easily and also get sniped immediately after logging out. Let’s assume that you just can do 5 attacks everyday at Crystal 2 league, that’s 1000Dark Elixir more everyday!

With my experience, I can see that you will rarely get attacked over 50% If you go to Crystal I.

Having a good Dark Elixir protection base layout. Let’s take a look at the Base Designs box and refer some best DE protection layouts for your Town Hall level. You don’t need to copy them. Read to see how they work then you can design your exclusive one.

By following these 3 simple tips, I think there is no reason for a lazy Town Hall 9 player to be able to hit the level 4 Golem upgrade button within 2 weeks, regardless of your army compositions in Clan Wars.

More info on Clash of Clans bots can be found here.

How Lightning Spells Actually Work

Undoubtedly, Lightning Spells are a big part of Clash of Clans as we use them everyday. We use them most for cleaning Clan troops and ravaging Air Defenses but do you know how it actually works? Most players though that It was random, but no…

By understanding how actually they works, you will know when is the best time to use them, how to place them and take their best advantages in your attacks!

We can bring maximum 5 Lightning Spells and 1 Dark Spell into an attack. Every time we drop a lightning spell Lightning Spell, there are 6 lightings in total hit the ground and they have certain patterns. These screenshots will show you how they work:

Note: The first bolt always hit the spot where you drop the spell.


It is not really hard to remember these strike patterns. By remembering them, you can know what is the best place to drop the Lightning Spell. If you use the Lightning Spell as the first drop, it will have pattern like the first screenshot. If you use it as the second spell (Assuming you used the Healing Spell at first), it will be like the second screenshot…

From now, you will never miss a single Clan Castle troop again and by taking this advantage, you can easily take out more than 1 Air Defense.

To read on ways to gain passive Dark Elixir, click here.

Best Town Hall 5 Base Layouts

In this guide to farming defenses in Clash of Clans at Town Hall 5, I will provide what I believe is the best base layout to use at this level. I will provide both a picture detailing the base as well as a video guide demonstrating the recommended base in action.
Town Hall 5 is good level for defense. Town Hall 6 does not give an extra Army Camp nor does it contain upgrades for the Barbarian or Archer, the most common attacking units at this level range. Your TH5 structures and walls will stand up well against other Town Hall 5 players and even against Town Hall 6 players.
With a good base layout, you are only susceptible to armies which incorporate healing spells and healers. While there is nothing you can do if a TH6 enemy drops 20 Giants and a healing spell to take down your Air Defense then uses a Healer, this level of attack is both expensive and rare.


At Town Hall 5, do not worry about trophy farming bases. There is nothing you can do against a Town Hall 7 player if you are TH5 – they can take you out with just Barbarians and Archers. TH7 players will attack you for trophies even at just 1000 trophies – well short of the 1250 trophy achievement.

It is a fruitless exercise to try and defend your way to a trophy-based achievement at TH5. Instead, if you want to push trophies at TH5 (particularly for the 1250 trophy achievement which yields 450 gems) you just need to attack at least 4-5 times in a row before taking a break.

To minimize the effectiveness of healer-based attacks, it is important to centralize your Air Defense tower to make it difficult to get to for the enemy. Note how every tower in the defensive setup is within range of the Air Defense tower in order to lend it support.

Note the staggered joints in the wall. The way the walls are set, it is very difficult to access either central compartment with Wall Breakers. Instead, players will need to take down one of the outside wall units first in order to gain access to either central chamber. Both central chambers cannot be accessed by removing a single wall with the wall layout pictured above.

The Mortar should also be centralized, and a wall should be placed between the Air Defense and the Mortar to make sure the enemy has to take down three walls to get access to both valuable buildings. Note that the Mortar is paired with two storage points, making it a more enticing area of the base for the enemy to attack (we want to try to coax the enemy to not take out the air defense).

The way this base is set up, you will often lose some (or all) of the resources within the exposed Elixir Storage in the bottom right or alternatively two of the units in the center of the base. This is okay at this level; it is much better to lose 1 or 2 storage buildings than it is to lose all four. This is one of the most important aspects of Clash of Clans and one I wish I learned earlier.

If you can lose 1 storage unit and get a shield (note the Town Hall is placed intentionally by the exposed Elixir Storage), that is a great raid. After all, if you only lose 1 storage (or 1/4 of your available resources outside of collectors) per attack and with each raid you take out all 4 of your enemy storages, you will end up keeping most of the resources you gather from raiding.

Note at this level, we still keep the Clan Castle on the outside of the base. Placing the Clan Castle centrally is a waste at this level, as your base is so small that players will be able to easily lure out units. It is better to save that premium central real estate for your Air Defense, Mortar, and storage units.

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